Tuesday, July 16, 2013

De-Bloat Your Diet//1. Breakfast c Mitch Mandel

1. Breakfast

Best: Fresh fruit and organic yogurt.
"The fruit is full of nutrients. And probiotics in the yogurt help with digestion." (Search: What are probiotics?)

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Worst: Anything high in salt.
"Think bacon or sausage, because the salt is just going to make you balloon."

De-Bloat Your Diet//2. Lunch c Mitch Mandel

2. Lunch

Best: Fish and a veggie salad.
"Use green peppers, cucumbers, and lots of lettuce, because they have a ton of water--which fills you up." (Related video: 3 Protein-Packed Salads)

Worst: French fries. "They're saturated in oil and covered in salt. If you eat something like that, you're not going to look cute. You're going to look puffy."

De-Bloat Your Diet//3. Dinner c

3. Dinner

Best: Grilled chicken and vegetables.
"I like steamed asparagus or spinach sauteed with lemon and garlic."

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Worst: Pizza.
"It's bread and cheese. And cheese can be high in salt and fat."    

De-Bloat Your Diet//4. Dessert c Thinkstock

4. Dessert

Best: Organic berries and dark chocolate.
"They're actually good for you."   

Worst: A candy bar.
"It's pure garbage. It's artificial everything"

De-Bloat Your Diet//5. Snack at the Movies c Mitch Mandel

5. Snack at the Movies

Best: Bring your own.
"I sneak in Popchips or Green & Black's organic chocolate. I just paid $15 for the ticket, I'm not going to ruin my health too."   

Worst: Popcorn.
"It's got a gazillion milligrams of sodium and around 1,200 calories."

De-Bloat Your Diet//6. Fast Food c Subway

6. Fast Food

Best: The vegetarian sandwich from Subway.
"It's all veggies, and low in calories. I add avocado."

Worst: Fried chicken.
"Deep-fried, nonorganic chicken with those gooey sauces: pure sugar, fat, and salt--with hormones on top!"

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